Remote Access to Applications & Desktops

Enable fast and secure remote use of graphic-heavy applications


See how to provide access to everything users need, when and where they need it.

Today’s workforce increasingly demands flexible work-from-home options, leaving businesses to grapple with productivity, security and connectivity issues. Providing a full range of remote work capabilities, including graphic-intense applications, can add stress to already-stretched IT departments.

Remote Access to Applications & Desktops solutions enable organizations to securely unite their workforces and maintain critical operations, regardless of application needs.

Key benefits

  • Streamline IT operations

    Improve security, processes and overall manageability by centralizing IT operations.

  • Enable remote graphics-intense applications

    Allow users to maintain organization-critical tasks utilizing graphics-heavy applications regardless of their location.

  • Reduce IT spending

    Consolidate shared resources to alleviate IT department burdens and lower administrative spending.

  • Increase remote user productivity

    Connect global teams with Remote Applications & Desktops that enable collaboration no matter where users choose to work.

Business impacts

  • Remote software enablement

    Remote manufacturing engineers rely on powerful 2D and 3D product design software. Intense graphics requirements tax legacy virtual solutions, causing performance and interactivity issues. Leverage remote desktops to handle any graphics requirements.

  • IT spending

    Chief information officers are always looking for ways to reduce overall IT spending and reuse the money elsewhere. Expensive high-power computers and other physical assets drain the budget. Reduce costs and equipment needs with the cloud.

  • SaaS offerings

    Consumers increasingly want SaaS offerings. High-tech software providers struggle to find deployment methods to share their resource-intense SaaS products. Utilize reliable remote sharing designed for demanding applications.

  • Remote collaboration

    Engineers need to share complex product designs. Standard remote work tools often lack the power, which slows collaboration and delays project completion. Enable fast, efficient remote file-sharing.

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