Solutions for Enterprise Applications

Run processes faster and with less risk


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Business processes in enterprise applications rely on information to run efficiently, provide transparency to stakeholders, enable informed decision-making and ensure compliance, yet companies often lack the means to control that information.

Solutions for Enterprise Applications enable Information Management within interfaces and business processes supported by Salesforce, SAP® and Microsoft® applications.

Key benefits

OpenText partners with leading application providers SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft to deliver complementary, productized solutions that enhance key business processes with direct access to compliantly stored, relevant information.

  • Ensure compatibility

    Rely on fully supported and approved productized integrations developed in conjunction with the enterprise application partners.

  • Maintain user comfort and reduce training

    Access information directly within the application’s user interface, not a separate platform, enabling users to work in their familiar environments.

  • Improve efficiency and transparency

    Consistently present information from processes spanning multiple leading applications, such as market to quote, so all stakeholders can access relevant information.

  • Mitigate risk

    Compliantly tag and store information in a central repository to prevent the inadvertent deletion or incorrect tagging that can happen in the native application.


solutions for enterprise applications

OpenText™ Solutions for SAP®

Improve key SAP processes by including critical business information into every step of the process in a seamless single interface within SAP Solutions.

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solutions for enterprise applications

OpenText™ Solutions for Salesforce

Easily capture, classify, access and deliver customer content across departments and from within Salesforce CRM.

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solutions for enterprise applications

OpenText™ Solutions for Microsoft®

Start Information Management when the information is collaborated on or created in solutions from Microsoft to control the entire lifecycle of information.

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