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Enable secure hybrid work with virtual desktop software and applications

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Enable hybrid work through virtualized desktops and applications

OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX is secure virtual desktop software that enables modern hybrid work. Leveraging the Exceed TurboX hybrid cloud VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), organizations can allow employees to work from anywhere and any device. Exceed TurboX includes support for demanding, high-performance graphical software used in engineering product design, semiconductor design and other graphic-intense fields.

Why choose OpenText Exceed TurboX?

  • Flexible hybrid work solution

    Empower users and enhance productivity with a fast DaaS (desktop as a service) solution to access applications and services from the office or a remote location.

  • IT centralization

    Replace expensive workstations with centrally managed servers in the cloud or in a datacenter to concentrate more users across shared resources at a fraction of the cost.

  • Secure and highly available infrastructure

    Protect intellectual property with strong data encryption and data exchange rules and ensure maximum uptime.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

    Manage users, user groups and deployed applications and provide easy access to virtual desktop infrastructures.

How VDI solutions can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Exceed TurboX.

  • Enable work from anywhere

    Offer high-performing access to virtual desktops and applications, including product design software, whether in the office, at home or in the field.

  • Support virtual global teams

    Enable easy virtual collaboration, group tasks and sessions to be able to select the best talent from around the globe.

  • Enable cloud and datacenter virtual applications

    Manage a cloud-based virtual desktop and app infrastructure as well as datacenter-based virtual app infrastructure.

  • Accelerate product time to market

    Leverage centralized datasets that do not require moving between locations and strong collaboration tools to speed product design and time to market.

  • Virtualize existing applications

    Maximize existing IT investments with a desktop virtualization platform that supports current applications, including specialized desktop software.

  • Minimize virtualization investment costs

    Utilize a light-weight infrastructure to get the full benefits of virtual desktop software without extensive investments into overhead management servers and software.

Virtual Desktop Features

  • Fast desktop virtualization software

    Uses ThinX and Windows Direct protocols to offer reliable virtual access for high performance and excellent user experiences, with fast and safe protocols built directly into the remote access software.

  • Centralized virtual infrastructure administration

    Offers a central web portal for IT staff to monitor and manage user access to applications and includes central license management and IT-definable thresholds for system status notifications.

  • Suspend-and-resume virtual sessions

    Allows users to resume sessions on any computer, auto-adjusting to the new monitor resolution, whether reconnecting after connection interruptions or through a manual session suspension.

  • Pixel-perfect virtual session display

    Displays graphically demanding virtual desktops, including support for UHD displays and multiple monitors as part of the powerful OpenText VDI solution.

  • Virtual GPU support

    Supports NVIDIA vGPU, enabling a single graphics card to be split across up to 16 virtual machines for hardware-based rendering, H.264 compression and direct framebuffer access to open 3D applications faster.

  • Browser and native clients

    Offers access through any device to virtual applications and desktops using the native clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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Frequently asked questions

Virtual desktop software enables employees to access their computers remotely, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity in hybrid work environments.

Virtual desktops eliminate the need for expensive individual workstations, reducing both hardware and maintenance costs for organizations.

Yes, virtual desktop solutions can provide the technology to run resource-intensive graphical software, including CAD tools.

Exceed TurboX is a virtual desktop solution by OpenText that allows organizations to provide remote access to resource-intensive graphical applications. It contributes to modern hybrid work by enabling employees to access their desktop environments and demanding software applications from anywhere, promoting flexibility and productivity.

Exceed TurboX eliminates the need for costly individual workstations by centralizing computing resources in the cloud or datacenter. Users can access powerful virtual desktops with the necessary computing and graphics capabilities, reducing hardware expenses.

Yes, Exceed TurboX is designed to support high-performance graphical software, making it well-suited for fields like semiconductor design where intensive computational power and graphics rendering are crucial.

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