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OpenText Output Server

Reliably, securely and seamlessly deliver business-critical documents

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OpenText™ Output Server enables the reliable delivery of business-critical documents, offers real-time device malfunction or job interruption notifications and ensures documents are delivered to output destinations in the proper format. Output Server also authorizes core delivery services and provides audit trails, job management and notifications.

Why choose Output Server?

  • Reliable, on-time document delivery

    Take control of the delivery path, find alternative routes and confirm delivery to ensure documents reach their intended destination.

  • Single view of enterprise output environment

    Give users and administrators one convenient web-based interface to seamlessly track and manage jobs across multiple platforms and domains.

  • Simplified information exchange

    Automate the process of publishing, distributing and managing reports and documents to the web, including customized content delivery from Output Server.

  • Cloud-enabled output management

    Quickly deploy, update and maintain software and get access to new features with Output Server Cloud Edition.

How Output Server can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Output Server

  • Easily scale for business growth

    Leverage a reliable output infrastructure for enterprises of all sizes, small or large, to keep pace with business changes.

  • Save time and money

    Obtain fast resolution of print job problems and reduce IT costs with a single-system view and end-to-end job tracking.

  • Expand printer capabilities

    Offer end users faster access to new printer features, including advanced options such as stapling, punching, job hold and secure printing.

  • Streamline document integration

    Enable document delivery from anywhere with a customization interface that works with multiple applications simultaneously.

  • Centralize access and control

    Automate document output resource management, enabling end users to rapidly identify, determine the cause of and fix document delivery failures in real-time.

  • Get real-time updates

    See what is happening as it happens with real-time notifications of device malfunctions, job interruptions and delivery confirmations.


  • SAP interface

    Integrates the SAP HANA and mySAP Business Suite with Output Server to reliably deliver SAP documents to multiple destinations across the enterprise and business partners

  • International printing

    Accepts Unicode-based documents from SAP and other enterprise applications and can intelligently deliver Unicode documents to Unicode-compliant or non-Unicode print devices, faxes, web or email across the enterprise.

  • Transform PCL

    Embeds required fonts in outgoing document to eliminate the need to deploy fonts on the print devices, such as Unicode documents to PostScript, PCL 5, TIFF, PDF or text.

  • Document distribution and access

    Allows document bursting and bundling as well as document retrieval by authorized users only.

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