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What is an OpenText Navigator?

OpenText Navigator offers partners, customers, developers, business leaders and more a unique journey into the world of OpenText with a clear path to delivering incredible customer experiences.

  • An innovator, lifelong learner

  • A leader who creates paths for others

  • An explorer or seeker with endless curiosity

  • An Information Management ambassador

OpenText Navigator Champions

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Earn recognition, strengthen your professional brand and share your success

Becoming an OpenText Navigator offers you exclusive access to promotions and experiences. Your level of participation is up to you. Select from a variety of activities that help build your brand as an influencer, aligning with your career journey and your organization.

Navigator Champions

OpenText Navigator Academy

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OpenText Navigator Academy accelerates and validates knowledge and skills with industry recognized certification and badging

The program offers prescriptive learning and proficiency certification paths tailored to the specific roles and responsibilities within the OpenText solution.

Navigator Academy

OpenText Navigator Fund

As an extension of the OpenText Navigator Program, the OpenText Navigator Fund addresses key needs in our communities and supports local partners in a making a difference.

The fund provides the opportunity to support our communities in new ways and build an even stronger and more engaged company.