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Put content at the core of employee and citizen interactions to improve engagement and operations

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Public customers are nine times more likely to trust a government agency if they are satisfied with the service[1]


See how digital transformation enables accessible, streamlined citizen services

Public Sector organizations are under pressure to deliver seamless citizen experiences. Governments that modernize their systems to connect data, content and applications can maximize existing infrastructure investments and enhance information availability, value and security.

Key Public Sector solutions

public sector

What makes OpenText different

  • Trusted digital operations

    Drive transformative operational changes and provide service continuity through secure and automated workflows.

  • Comprehensive record view

    Gain collaborative and intelligent insight with agency-specific and role-based views to digitize value chains.

  • Faster citizen-facing applications

    Reduce development efforts and ensure data accuracy by correlating multiple data sources to inform decision-making.

Leaders trust OpenText

Discover how leading Public Sector organizations rely on OpenText solutions.

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  1. [1]McKinsey Quarterly Report, The public sector gets serious about customer experience, August 2019