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OpenText Application Observability

Unlock affordable observability with OpenTelemetry insights

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See how you can gain end-to-end application observability and monitoring

The OpenText™ Application Observability tool delivers an end-to-end view of all your cloud resources with guided, metric-gathering workflows, AI-enabled troubleshooting, and native OpenTelemetry insights. The solution enables cloud observability so you can analyze and monitor all your applications—both microservice and monolithic—across cloud and on-premises environments.

Why choose Application Observability?

  • OpenTelemetry-powered tool

    Avoid outdated proprietary instrumentation from legacy APM vendors, and gain portability for role-specific toolsets—from developers to SRE to central IT.

  • Developer-level insights for operators, admins, and more

    Empower every user to become an expert and drive faster resolutions with observability delivered by an easy-to-use, role-specific toolset.

  • Cost-effective observability

    Unlock predictable pricing and productivity-enhancing insights with an effective, developer-friendly tool to help prevent observability budget overruns and drive ROI.

How Application Observability can benefit business

Gain insights into application performance and quickly detect issues with an OpenTelemetry-powered application observability tool.

  • Accelerate setup and gain immediate insights

    Identify performance issues quickly with an intuitive, cloud-based observability solution.

  • Instrument once, analyze anywhere

    Avoid vendor lock-in, capture telemetry data without proprietary agents, and enable the use of role-specific toolsets across the value chain with OpenTelemetry.

  • Gain standardized and industry-vetted observability

    Uncover hidden patterns and relationships by leveraging the experience and correlations built into the OpenTelemetry standard.


  • Code-level trace analysis

    Uncovers application performance issues with visuals of microservice status and latency for transactions.

  • Automatic correlation of metrics, logs, and traces

    Provides root cause insights without forcing users to endlessly search through multiple tools.

  • AI-powered anomaly detection

    Easily pinpoints anomalies to surface hidden patterns and relationships that might not be evident when analyzing data from individual sources.

  • Service mapping with application topology

    Visualizes rapidly changing application services with real-time discovery to enable effective troubleshooting in volatile cloud environments.

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