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Integrate critical information management capabilities to accelerate roadmaps


See how to build better software with OpenText OEM program technology

OpenText™ OEM technology offers a wide set of capabilities that organizations can customize, extend and/or embed into their own products to fill market needs quickly, confidently and with less effort.

How OEM Marketplace can benefit business

  • Deliver seamless business insights

    Tora uses OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting for analytics capabilities, offering external clients tools that were previously unavailable before entering into an OEM agreement with OpenText.

  • Add best in breed transformation capabilities

    Braille Works uses OpenText Output Transformation Server to embed PDF transformation capabilities directly into its end-to-end solutions that help organizations serve customers with visual impairments.

Featured products

Take solutions farther with a wide range of capabilities that can be deployed via API, SaaS or embedded software.

Capture and digitize

Integrate physical document transformation capabilities to eliminate manual data entry.

Process and automate

Add capabilities to structure, automate and digitize tasks, workflows and case work within user-friendly interfaces.

Analyze, report and predict

Add capabilities to merge multiple data sources, extract value and present it in visualizations and dashboards.

Search and discover

Embed the capability for customers to find and act on information distributed across their enterprise.

Integrate and develop

Implement agile, high value database application development and low TCO embedded databases.

Store, manage and migrate

Add secure storage and management for all content, active or archived.

View, transform and communicate

Deliver customized and personalized communications and content outputs through transformative collaboration.