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Know what data you hold to reduce financial risk

Address data privacy and governance with OpenText™ Voltage™ Fusion, a cloud-first data security platform. Connect data discovery, classification, and insight to data security, usage monitoring, and lifecycle management.

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Why choose the Voltage Fusion platform?

  • Unified data discovery across your data estate

    Detect regulated information (PII, PCI, PHI) across unstructured and structured data, including rich media analysis of image, audio, and video files.

  • Context-sensitive grammars

    Analyze and classify sensitive data confidently, with support for over 39 languages and economic regions, enabling compliance with industry, financial, and data privacy laws.

  • Data discovery and classification in financial terms

    Go beyond simple risk scoring by connecting data discovery and classification to the potential monetary and business impact of a data breach or non-compliance.

How the Voltage Fusion platform can benefit business

Strengthen your data security posture management with the Voltage Fusion platform. Discover and classify data anywhere—across cloud repositories, databases, applications, and file shares—with classification tagging, data sensitivity and financial risk modeling, usage monitoring, and data protection.

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    Gain data and risk visibility across the ecosystem

    Scan any repository or service to classify data according to type, risk sensitivity, and potential financial impact, to prioritize risk reduction.

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    Operationalize data security and privacy practices

    Replace manual remediation with automated, privacy-aligned data protection technologies that improve compliance and promote strong data ethics and business growth.

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    Accelerate business outcomes and innovation

    Use data discovery to power data security, privacy, and governance use cases while supporting corporate financial, operational, and ESG or sustainability goals.

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    Keep high-value data secure wherever it goes

    Protect customer data while retaining its business value for safe use in data science and secure data sharing outside your enterprise.


  • Unified user interface

    Connects to virtually any repository, off and in the cloud, to create and configure data ingestion, identification, and management.

  • Format-preserving encryption and tokenization

    Deidentifies data to render it useless to attackers while maintaining its usability and referential integrity for data processes, applications, and services.

  • Unstructured data access governance

    Guarantees only authorized users with appropriate roles can access data when needed and enables change notifications, lifecycle management, security lockdown, and security fencing.

  • Database activity monitoring

    Actively monitors all database activities in real time, generates alerts for any policy violations, identifies passive databases, and increases observability on how and where data is used.

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