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  • Web

    Create relevant, personalized experiences across customer channels with a leading web CMS. Formerly known as Teamsite

    Experience Cloud
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Legacy brands

Access information and resources on previous editions of OpenText brands.

  • Actuate

    OpenText acquired Actuate Corporation in 2015.

  • ANXeBusiness Corp.

    OpenText acquired ANXeBusiness Corp in 2016. ANX is now part of OpenText Business Network.

  • Artesia

    OpenText acquired Artesia in 2004. Artesia became OpenText Media Management.

  • Captaris

    OpenText acquired Captaris in 2008. Captaris is now part of OpenText’s Digital Fax solutions.

  • Carbonite and Webroot

    In late 2019, OpenText acquired Carbonite, Inc., a provider of cloud-based subscription data protection, backup, disaster recovery and endpoint security to small and medium-sized businesses and prosumers. Carbonite had previously acquired Webroot in March 2019.

  • Cordys

    In 2013, OpenText acquired Cordys. Cordys is now part of OpenText Process Automation.

  • Covisint

    In 2017, OpenText acquired Covisint. Covisint is now part of the OpenText Business Network.

  • Daegis

    In 2015, OpenText acquired Daegis. Daegis is now part of OpenText Specialized Technologies.

  • Documentum

    In 2017, OpenText acquired Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum™, LEAP™, and InfoArchive™.

  • EasyLink

    OpenText acquired Easylink in 2012. Easylink products are now part of OpenText Business Network.

  • GXS

    OpenText acquired GXS in 2014. GXS is now part of the OpenText Business Network.

  • HP

    OpenText acquired select HP Inc. assets in May and August of 2016.

  • Informative Graphics Corporation

    OpenText acquired IGC in 2015. IGC is now part of OpenText Content Cloud.

  • Liaison

    OpenText acquired Liaison in 2017. Liaison is now part of OpenText Business Network solutions.

  • Livelink

    Also known as Livelink ECM – Enterprise Server, Livelink Enterprise Server, Livelink Server. Livelink is now known as Content Server.

  • Micro Focus

    In January 2023, OpenText acquired Micro Focus, expanding its offerings in Cybersecurity, IT Operations Management, Application Delivery and AI & Analytics.

  • Recommind

    OpenText acquired Recommind, Inc., a leading provider of eDiscovery and information analytics, in July 2016.

  • RedDot

    OpenText acquired RedDot as part of its acquisition of Hummingbird Ltd. RedDot was rebranded as OpenText Web Site Management.

  • ResonateKT

    In 2013, OpenText acquired Resonate Knowledge Technologies (Resonate KT).

  • StreamServe

    In October 2010, OpenText acquired StreamServe, a leading provider of enterprise business communication solutions.

  • Vignette

    OpenText acquired Vignette in 2009. Vignette's Web Content Management, Portal, and Social Media products became part of the Experience Suite, which is now OpenText Experience Cloud.

  • XMedius

    In 2020, OpenText acquired XMedius. XMedius solutions are now part of OpenText Experience Cloud.

  • Zix

    OpenText purchased Zix Corporation, a leader in SaaS-based email encryption, threat protection and compliance cloud solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in late 2021.