Data Protection and Endpoint Backup

Ensure the secure backup and fast recovery of all organizational data

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OpenText™ Data Protection and Endpoint Backup products work together to create a centralized, block-based enterprise data backup and recovery solution that enables organizations to secure, protect, and recover critical data across physical, virtual, and cloud workload environments. Organizations can reduce the risk of data loss, improve reliability, enhance data restoration, and protect against ransomware attacks.

How Data Protection and Endpoint Backup can benefit business

Back up and protect all data at reduced costs and minimal risk with data protection and endpoint backup products.

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    Reduce backup license costs

    Save license, maintenance, and training costs while providing a central point of control and visibility into full enterprise data backup and recovery operations.

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    Minimize data backup risk

    Secure data with predictive analytics, automation, orchestration, and reporting, as well as complete ransomware detection and protection.

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    Meet regulatory data protection requirements

    Automate retention management for compliance and long-term data retention.

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    Integrate with legacy data backup

    Backup and protect data across all legacy platforms and modern virtual environments.

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    Enable continuous data protection

    Safeguard data during transmission, storage, data backup, and recovery with advanced encryption and security technology.

  • Protect data with cloud workload backup and compliance

    Choose from multiple cloud platform options for maximum flexibility, cost control, and cloud workload protection.