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Gain strategic insights from any data, any scale, anywhere

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OpenText™ Analytics Database products empower organizations to meet the most demanding analytical use cases by allowing them to analyze any data, at any scale, anywhere. Users can leverage more than 650 built-in analytic functions—including time series, event pattern matching, geospatial, and in-database machine learning—to minimize risks, break down data silos, and make better decisions.

How Analytics Database products benefit business

Control operations, spend, and performance using comprehensive, real-time data insights from analytics database products.

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    Enable strategic decision-making

    Empower users to make informed decisions by providing real-time, comprehensive insights based on all data.

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    Boost analytics efficiency

    Lower storage and compute costs by intelligently and efficiently scaling to use less hardware resources.

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    Deploy analytics anywhere

    Use an infrastructure-agnostic, software-only solution that can be deployed on premises, in any cloud (including hybrid), containerized, or as a service.

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    Meet any performance requirement

    Run queries in parallel across multiple nodes or instances, scaling out linearly to provide high concurrency and low latency at any scale.

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    Accommodate unique analytic needs

    Build a data lakehouse with support for semi-structured data, schema on read, streaming data, and external query on data lake formats like Parquet and ORC.

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    Rely on preferred tools

    Leverage SQL, Java, Python, and R, as well as hundreds of connectors, to give analysts and data scientists a way to connect data flows and use their favorite tools.