Threat Detection and Response

OpenText Network Detection and Response

Harness unparalleled network visibility to efficiently hunt for and defend against threats


Eliminate blind spots with OpenText Network Detection and Response

OpenText™ Network Detection and Response fuses detection, forensic analysis and proactive threat-hunting to provide high-performance enterprise security teams with full visibility. Leverage signature inspection, stateful anomaly detection and machine-learning-powered malware conviction to quickly defend against both known and hidden threats. Request a free trial.

Why choose OpenText Network Detection and Response?

  • Real-time network visibility and metadata

    Engage high-fidelity metadata and SmartPCAP to eliminate blind spots and see everything on the network.

  • Full-spectrum threat detection

    Examine the network from every angle with multiple detection engines to reduce noise and optimize detection.

  • Advanced threat hunting

    Conduct retrospective network traffic analyses and historical data testing to find threats that infiltrated an environment before known indicators were available.

  • Seamless response and integrations

    Correlate alerts in real-time, enrich existing workflows, automate responses and prevent threats.

How Network Detection and Response can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using OpenText Network Detection and Response.

  • Deploy immediately

    Begin operating in minutes with a single, software-based sensors appliance and self-configuring system.

  • Detect and respond in real-time

    Inspect network traffic from every angle with a multi-faceted suite of best-in-class threat detection.

  • Gain clarity

    Leverage customized, easy-to-manage dashboard views to see everything that matters most in the network.

  • Achieve enterprise scalability

    Scale in any direction to maintain network visibility with a flexible metadata repository.

  • Seamlessly integrate into existing environments

    Export data in standard formats to existing SIEM or SOAR.


  • Cloud-ready Smart Sensors

    Alerts users to both targeted and hidden threats for unparalleled detection.

  • Threat context

    Utilizes SmartPCAP as the network traffic’s ground truth and immediately links this context to detected threats.

  • Easy network instrumentation

    Combines network visibility, forensics and detection in a single sensor deployed as a virtual machine, physical device or cloud appliance.

  • Downstream visibility

    Leverages 360° visibility to easily integrate response workflows and improve all other tools.

  • Long-term repository

    Retains longer-term, session-based context in data nodes that link high-fidelity network metadata directly to events regardless of when they occur.

  • Cloud-hybrid software

    Scales with the organization’s needs with a hardware-agnostic platform that provides needed throughput without hidden costs.

What to look for in a NDR platform

Take advantage of OpenText and partner services


OpenText offers a flexible deployment option for Network Detection and Response.

  • Extend your team
    Off Cloud, on-premises software, managed by your organization or OpenText

Professional Services

OpenText Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.


OpenText helps customers find the right solution, the right support and the right outcome.


OpenText Learning Services offers comprehensive enablement and learning programs to accelerate knowledge and skills.


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