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Functional Test Automation

Deliver exceptional experiences everywhere with AI-powered automated testing

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OpenText™ Functional Test Automation products automate software testing at scale by tightly integrating with lifecycle management and continuous integration tools in the DevOps ecosystem. Test earlier and faster using AI-powered functional test automation across any browser, mobile device, operating system, or form factor—either in the cloud or on premises.

How Functional Test Automation can benefit business

Accelerate testing, boost efficiency, and support any device or technology with functional test automation products.

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    Boost automated test speed and efficiency

    Accelerate test creation time, enhance coverage, increase asset resilience, minimize risk, and reduce maintenance with AI-powered automation.

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    Support any device or technology

    Seamlessly test mobile and web apps on mobile devices in-house or as-a-service.

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    Enjoy multiplatform flexibility

    Leverage preferred frameworks, languages, and platforms to test earlier and increase quality across any device and browser.

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    Simplify device and emulator management

    Manage device labs either as SaaS, on premises, or even in a hybrid environment, and consume devices in any desired way.