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OpenText NetIQ Data Access Governance

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OpenText™ NetIQ™ Data Access Governance


OpenText™ NetIQ™ Data Access Governance

OpenText™ NetIQ™ Data Access Governance (DAG) is a comprehensive solution that pinpoints where valuable files are stored and identifies the individuals that can access them. Automate necessary adjustments to ensure your unstructured data is secure, optimized, and compliant.

Discover what NetIQ DAG can do for you

Why choose NetIQ Data Access Governance?

  • Maximum data control

    Manage unstructured data, systems, apps, and identities for secure access.

  • Data access and permissions visibility

    Gain insights into individuals with access to high-value files and uncover the mechanisms that grant their access.

  • File security

    Safeguard your critical data assets by identifying potential vulnerabilities and security gaps.

  • Automated file relocation

    Relocate high-value files to more secure network locations through automated processes.

  • Data protection policies

    Establish and enforce policies aimed at preventing unauthorized access, fortifying security measures, and ensuring compliance with access policies—all while upholding data integrity.

How NetIQ Data Access Governance can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using NetIQ Data Access Governance.

  • Gain visibility into data access

    Gain visibility into data access

    Analyze file system data to understand what data you have and who has access to it.

  • Streamline user provisioning

    Streamline user provisioning

    Automatically provision data storage, assign permissions, and control access.

  • Reduce data access risk

    Reduce data access risk

    Monitor high-risk data, enforce fencing policies, and notify owners when access permissions change.

  • Govern data access

    Govern data access

    Empower business users to certify access to data and applications in the same interface.


  • Enhanced reporting

    Enables corrective measures with improved reporting that can identify sensitive and high-value files and track user access.
  • Least privilege user access

    Protects sensitive and high-value data repositories by limiting access permissions only to policy-authorized users—preventing “privilege creep” over time.

  • Overexposure correction

    Identifies unauthorized access to sensitive and high-value data, whether due to improper group membership or insecure storage, and enacts policies or workloads to mitigate the associated risks.

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