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OpenText Hybrid Workspaces

Stream applications from any platform, anywhere

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OpenText™ Hybrid Workspaces gives your remote workers access to apps and data. Leverage any device for secure, intuitive access to applications and data—whether remote or on-site.

Key benefits of Hybrid Workspaces

Application streaming

Access click-and-run apps anywhere

Embrace hybrid work by streaming containerized, PC-native, and web applications to corporate and personal devices across multiple operating systems.

Simpler and more cost-effective than virtual device infrastructure

No local application installation required

Centralized control

Extend application value

Package legacy applications and browsers in containers with their dependencies, plugins, and customizations.

Eliminate application conflicts with locally installed software

Simplify application deployment, upgrades, and maintenance

Data access

Network tunneling built into apps

Allow secure application access to corporate network resources. Control storage access to users’ network shares, cloud, and approved corporate storage.

Works with OpenText™ Filr, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox

Limit access to trusted network resources


Remote learning

Learning Tool Integration links your learning management system with Hybrid Workspaces application streaming.

Application library

Use the application repository to customize hundreds of apps, with minimal expertise.

Application packaging

Quickly combine and build apps from software installations.

Take advantage of OpenText and partner services

Professional Services

Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.


Find the right solution, the right support and the right outcome.


Learning Services offers comprehensive enablement and learning programs to accelerate knowledge and skills.


Explore our OpenText communities. Connect with individuals and companies to get insight and support. Get involved in the discussion.


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