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Achieve breakthrough engagement with one simple, powerful solution

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Provide highly personalized customer experiences on all your digital channels.

The Web Experiences portfolio extends OpenText™ Web (formerly TeamSite), our industry-leading web content management solution, into broader capabilities, such as digital asset management, creative workflows, personalization, web optimization, and customer data. Through one comprehensive and composable omnichannel platform, organizations can easily create and deliver web and digital experiences as part of a holistic approach to B2B, B2E, and B2C engagement.

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How Web Experiences can deliver greater business benefits

Discover the ways users can build breakthrough digital experiences and engagement with a powerful website management tool.

  • Accelerate digital transformation at the right pace

    Use Web Experiences as a set of modules or easily extend platform capabilities to modernize tech stacks at the right pace to meet business needs and objectives.

  • Deliver omnichannel brand consistency

    Manage content at component and segment levels to provide consistent experiences across customer lifecycles, channels, and devices.

  • Empower all users

    Give business users, developers, and creative teams access to tools and advanced capabilities that fit how they work with a composable UX designed for ease of use.

  • Leverage AI and machine learning

    Use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automated workflows with OpenText™ Experience Aviator to create and publish personalized, visually rich content without IT dependence.

  • Gain actionable customer insights

    Access and synchronize data to test content and audiences, then analyze performance based on KPIs, such as clicks, site interaction, and targeted campaign results.

  • Obtain flexible, reliable performance

    Rely on a scalable platform typically running at 99.999% service level uptime with on-cloud and off-cloud options, including Kubernetes running on Google, AWS, or Azure.