OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator

Improve your security posture with AI cybersecurity and agile threat detection

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AI-powered threat hunting and detection for fast protection

Reinvent threat hunting to improve security posture with the power of agile AI cybersecurity

Threat identification is traditionally a threshold-driven process, involving the discovery of potential threat patterns. Artificial intelligence (AI) for cybersecurity has the capacity to revolutionize this process.

OpenText™ Cybersecurity Aviator’s innovative new threat detection approach combines machine learning models that automatically and continuously learn with rapid deployment—allowing new threat detection models to be in place within hours to protect from new and evolving threats.

Cyberthreat protection measured in hours, not weeks or months

Proactively shield from both known and unknown threats with the power of advanced, unsupervised machine learning models

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    Outpace cyberattacks with AI and agile delivery

    Ensure customers are protected—deliver new threat detection models within hours, not weeks or months.

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    Speed + scale = automatically detect and classify cyberthreats

    Find hidden behavior-based patterns in billions of security events with machine learning.

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    Combat threats and fortify security operations

    Boost threat-hunting efficiency with unsupervised machine learning models that continuously learn and adapt.

Meet the future of threat detection with AI and unsupervised machine learning

Aviator combines unprecedented agility and AI-based threat detection automation to respond to new cyberthreats as they emerge.

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  • Unsupervised machine learning for risk insights

    Security teams train their AI cybersecurity platforms to detect novel threats. With new threats emerging all the time, it becomes a full-time effort. Use unsupervised machine learning to uncover data-based patterns and insights without human supervision or labeled examples.

  • Rapid deployment of new threat detection models

    Organizations require new security content—and often a new product release—to keep up with the continuing emergence of new threat types. Stay ahead of adversaries and continuously evolving threats with new machine learning threat detection models that can be in place within hours.

  • Threat pattern detection with AI

    Threat identification relies on hypotheses. Security teams must identify the pattern of a potential threat and look for similar instances. AI can automate this process, integrating and analyzing data from various sources to identify potential threats with context, enabling users to act confidently.

  • Behavioral threat hunting

    A comprehensive perspective is critical for effective mitigation efforts, yet traditional security measures often provide only part of the picture. Leverage advanced analytics capable of tracking and correlating billions of security events and associated behavior-based patterns and attributes for superior accuracy and insight.

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