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Fuel eDiscovery with machine learning and GenAI

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See how to enhance efficiency with machine learning, generative AI, analytics, and automation

OpenText™ Axcelerate™ is a fully integrated end-to-end e-discovery solution that delivers best-in-class capabilities to help legal teams get to the facts sooner and inform case strategy. With advanced analytics, technology-assisted review, and generative AI, Axcelerate empowers legal teams to be more proactive, productive, and powerful.

Why choose OpenText Axcelerate?

  • Integrated eDiscovery solution

    Collect, process, analyze, review and produce electronically stored information (ESI) across the EDRM in a single platform.

  • Proprietary analytics and generative AI

    Accelerate review and analysis with advanced text analytics—including automated sentiment and entity identification—and AI-generated key document and concept group label summaries.

  • Flexible deployment options

    Deploy on-premises, in a private cloud, OnDemand, as a managed service or portable appliance for data that needs to stay onsite, or in a hybrid environment.

How Axcelerate can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Axcelerate.

  • Speed projects and lower costs

    Prioritize the most likely relevant documents for review via continuous machine learning and reduce volumes needing eyes-on review to improve efficiency and accuracy.

  • Enhance collection efficiency

    Crawl and collect data wherever it resides, from ECM systems to email, cloud repositories and more.

  • Protect and secure personal data

    Protect personal data with automated detection and redaction based on a pre-configured library of common patterns, custom RegEx and automated QC.

  • Conduct early case assessment (ECA) and investigations

    Gain rapid insight for faster case strategy with front-ended analytics for true ECA at the earliest stage of a matter.

  • Optimize with expert services

    Leverage expert services to expedite projects and optimize results from data collection and forensics to managed review, investigations and eDiscovery advisory services.


  • Generative AI powered review

    Lowers costs and increases speed to facts by using OpenText Aviator GenAI to automate review. Delivers cost certainty and transparency with up-front large language model cost estimates and the ability to test review criteria on a sample data set.

  • AI-generated summaries

    Improves case and review strategy and prioritization by using OpenText Legal Tech Aviator—the central AI nervous system of the OpenText smart legal platform—to deliver insight into key evidence and concept groupings.

  • Data collection and processing

    Fuels efficiency via 45+ data source connectors as well as automated deduplication and de-NISTing. Balances over-collection and under-collection for optimal efficiency with refined search criteria.

  • Pre-review analytics

    Dramatically reduces data volumes warranting eyes-on review with extensive smart filters, automated concept grouping, phrase analytics, front-loaded text analytics, and predictive filters that create highly refined review sets.

  • Technology-assisted review

    Surfaces documents with similar content for prioritized review to accelerate projects, dramatically reducing costs and concern over missing documents for productions, investigations, ECA, witness and issue preparation or privilege QC.

  • Visualizer and hypergraph communications map

    Uncovers hidden data and communication patterns, quickly surfacing key evidence and additional custodians and witnesses, while seeing associations between data to ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Text analytics from OpenText™ Magellan™

    Empowers rapid insights with automated identification of people, places, and organizations, document summaries for context, sentiment analysis for attitude and emotion, and fact vs. opinion analysis to test assertions.

  • Accurate productions and case management integration

    Allows users to easily and reliably produce document sets with a production wizard, templates, and automated QC of contents and redactions. Ensures that the key data uncovered during review is reliably included in case management processes.

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