Strategic Partners

Address the most challenging business needs with industry-leading technology providers and global consulting firm Partners


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Strategic Partners are key contributors within the global ecosystem of trusted, enabled OpenText™ Partners. Strategic Partners provide customers around the world with digital transformational services focused on OpenText technologies.


Engage with OpenText Strategic Partners and collaborate with the best in the technology industry to accelerate digital transformation.

  • Fulfill complex initiatives

    Leverage demonstrated leadership and a high degree of expertise in OpenText solution offerings to execute complex outcome-based transformational projects.

  • Ensure success

    Confidently engage with Strategic Partners with access to extensive partner programs, resources and tools to achieve strategic objectives.

  • Improve time to market

    Utilize industry-specific solutions, which can be co-developed to leverage multiple platforms, products and integrations, to accelerate innovation and time to market. 

  • Optimize digital transformation

    Implement and refine digital transformation strategies to address remote work challenges, global supply chain disruptions, consumer behavior shifts and cyber threat growth.

OpenText Strategic Partners

OpenText Strategic Partners represent best-in-class organizations that are equipped to help businesses meet their unique and challenging technology needs.

Public Cloud Partners

Delivering on the commitment to customer choice, OpenText partners with leading cloud infrastructure providers to offer the flexibility to run OpenText solutions anywhere.

Enterprise Application Partners

OpenText partners with leading enterprise application providers to jointly enable organizations to take advantage of the knowledge stored in their unstructured content to obtain better business insights.

Global System Integrators

Global System Integrators (GSIs) are trained and certified for OpenText solutions and help customers successfully navigate digital transformation journeys with complementary services that enhance the value of stand-alone solutions.