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OpenText EMR-Link

Simplify lab and EMR integration to enhance patient diagnosis and treatment


See how EMR-Link helps diagnostic lab and imaging centers simplify integration and CPOE

OpenText™ EMR-Link™ streamlines the exchange of orders, requisitions and reports between diagnostic centers and their clinic and physician customers. Delivered as a managed service, OpenText EMR experts support a secure, consistent connection from any lab or imaging center to any EMR application.

Why choose OpenText EMR-Link?

  • Improve adoption

    Enhance physician adoption with complete, secure integration and consistent, clean information exchanges.

  • Reduce IT burden

    Rely on OpenText™ Managed Services to achieve unified, orchestrated and standardized EMR integration, regardless of application or complexity.

How EMR-Link can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using EMR-Link.

  • Improve interoperability

    Expand data exchange between diagnostic centers and clinic customers with a consistent, single connection.

  • Accelerate new implementations

    Leverage OpenText experts to work directly with EMR vendors and deploy new lab-to-EMR integrations in days.

  • Reduce costs and maximize reimbursements

    Eliminate manual interventions that drive up cost and slow reimbursements with clean, complete and error-free electronic orders.

  • Optimize internal resources

    Reduce the burden on technical staffing, improve scalability and overcome integration complexities with fully managed lab integration services.


  • Any-to-any interoperability

    Simplifies integration with a single connection between any clinic and EMR system. Enhances records workflow and connectivity to any LIS/RIS.

  • Standardized integration

    Connects all customer practices, EMRs and hospital HIEs to ensure consistency, efficiency and standardized data for utilization metrics.

  • Rules-based CPOE

    Supports computerized physician order entry (CPOE) within ordering and EMR workflows, including AOEs, ABN checks and the ability to split requisitions, with embedded compendium rules.

  • Fully managed service

    Provides OpenText experts to ensure ordering environments integrate into each EMR workflow and provide outreach services to physician customers.

  • Premium monitoring, support and maintenance

    Includes ongoing transaction monitoring and dataflow reporting to ensure adherence to security and data transfer protocols.

  • Built-in compliance and security

    Ensures security protocols comply with HIPAA/HITECH and other regulatory requirements to secure sensitive patient and clinical data, at rest or in transit.

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