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Leverage an identity-centric approach to build secure IoT solutions

OpenText™ Internet of Things (IoT) Platform offers an identity-centric approach to managing the day-to-day operations of industrial assets and connected things. With critical IoT solution capabilities, such as remote equipment monitoring and secure integration with back-end systems, businesses can build stronger supply chains, mitigate operational disruptions and easily adapt to new business opportunities.

Why choose OpenText Internet of Things Platform?

  • Actionable insights

    Collect, cleanse and perform IoT data analytics to maximize legacy assets and supply chain operations ROI and performance.

  • Address supply chain disruptions

    Augment supply chain data with contextual and environmental information to better manage KPIs and improve trading partner collaboration.

  • Manage risks

    Leverage an identity-centric IoT solution to better understand the complex web of relationships across ecosystems.

How Internet of Things Platform can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Internet of Things Platform.

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  • Generate data insights

    Consolidate and analyze data drawn from multiple devices and systems with IoT data integration.

  • Improve security

    Authenticate identities across an ever-increasing pool of devices and data sources.

  • Maintain data integrity

    Govern how data is managed, shared and used within the IoT solution and the larger partner ecosystem.

  • Accelerate system integration

    Remain system agnostic and support interoperability across multiple IoT protocols.

  • Transform asset operations

    Prepare for the exponential growth of digitally connected industrial and supply chain assets.

  • Increase supply chain efficiencies

    Leverage a fully integrated supply chain solution to identify and address weaknesses throughout the entire supply chain.


  • Secure device management

    Establishes digital twins of physical objects, making it easier to visualize contextual data. Provisions and de-provisions secure IoT endpoints and data access to minimize threats.
  • Ecosystem integration

    Offers comprehensive machine-to-machine or application-to-application integration capabilities and seamlessly exchanges sensor-based information with key business systems, such as ERP, WMS and TMS.

  • Unified messaging

    Supports any-to-any communication via a comprehensive messaging broker that enables rapid, secure and flexible integration of structured and unstructured data, from MQTT to FTP.
  • Actionable insights

    Combines analytics with AI and machine learning to quickly assess operational performance and transform data into easy-to-understand visual information.

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