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Find hidden insights in your unstructured data with a leader in document mining and analytics

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OpenText™ Knowledge Discovery (formerly known as IDOL) is an advanced search, knowledge discovery, and analytics platform. It uses AI and machine learning to leverage key insights stored deep within your unstructured data—including text analytics, audio analytics, video analytics, and image analytics.

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Key benefits of OpenText Knowledge Discovery

Data access and connectors

Stop searching. Start understanding your data

Access and search over 160 repository sources and over 1,900 file types to ingest, view, scan, classify, and tag personally identifiable information.

Quickly access the data you need

Easily ingest data from multiple sources

Enhanced text analytics

Understand tone and sentiment in text

Use natural language processing, optical character recognition (OCR), and other AI-powered models to understand tone, sentiment, and public opinion to analyze text data.

Protect against classified data release

Interpret and classify unstructured documents automatically at scale

Image analytics

Detect and identify key objects in images

Automate the processing and analysis of image files, OCR, object detection, image classification, object recognition, and other unstructured data.

Detect people, faces, demographics, and clothing

Understand objects, vehicles, and scenes in new ways


AI video analytics

Real-time AI and ML powered video analytics, classification, and analysis.

AI audio analytics

Understand the context and content of audio files quickly with AI-powered audio analytics.

AI surveillance analytics

Analyze and identify key events in real time from surveillance video, audio surveillance, and open-source text.

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Professional Services

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Learning Services offers comprehensive enablement and learning programs to accelerate knowledge and skills.


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