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Quality Management

Scale continuous quality with end-to-end traceability and automated workflows

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OpenText™ Quality Management products enhance Agile teams and DevOps toolchains so organizations can deliver high-quality software with insight, traceability, and analytics-focused end-to-end visibility. Track work and assess risk across roles with built-in collaboration tools and integrations.

How Quality Management can benefit business

Accelerate development, ensure software quality, and boost transparency with quality management products.

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    Streamline development

    Pinpoint problems, root causes, and related users with intelligent automation to resolve problems efficiently.

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    Embed quality from ideation to release

    Keep the focus on quality at every stage of software delivery with transparent goals that align with milestones.

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    Boost efficiency

    Improve consistency and coverage by managing continuous testing, both manual and automated.

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    Optimize the developer experience

    Visualize and reduce conflicts, lower risk, and improve team velocity and throughput.

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    Establish transparency

    Bridge the gap between strategic goals and day-to-day work management to make the development cycle more transparent and keep teams on the same page.