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OpenText Process Automation

Optimize processes with automation, insight and data-driven decision-making


Learn how to maximize the value of information with Process Automation

OpenText™ Process Automation helps organizations automate processes to transform into digital, data-driven businesses. Providing flexible platforms for rapidly building user-centric applications, Process Automation reduces IT involvement while enabling better decision-making and improving employee, partner and customer experiences.

How OpenText Process Automation can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Process Automation.

  • Exceed customer expectations

    Put customers at the center of every transaction to exceed expectations with timely, proactive service delivered in the channels they prefer.

  • Eliminate process gaps

    Remove disconnected or manual processes that often fill gaps between steps in a business workflow or customer interaction.

  • Empower people for data-driven work

    Connect internal and external information to automate repetitive processes and guide knowledge workers through complex tasks.

  • Reduce risk and gain consistency

    Combine automation and artificial intelligence to separate low- and high-risk activities and optimize the use of scarce resources.

  • Enable access from any device, anywhere, any time

    Efficiently build, deploy and manage case and process-driven applications to empower a modern workforce.

  • Build applications faster and at lower cost

    Leverage low-code capabilities to quickly build applications and reduce reliance on IT.

Featured products

Utilized by hundreds of businesses and governments around the world, OpenText Process Automation platforms and applications make it easier to deliver seamless experiences that adapt to changing needs, while improving operational efficiency and managing risk.

Process Automation Platform

Optimize processes with automation, insight and data-driven decision-making.

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Process Automation Applications

Efficiently build, deploy and manage process and case-driven applications.

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Why choose Process Automation?

  • Integrated process and case management

    Streamline and automate complex business processes with a single platform for process automation, dynamic case management and low-code application development.

  • Simple application development

    Quickly and easily build and deploy custom business applications with low-code, drag-and-drop components, reusable building blocks and pre-built accelerators.

Leaders trust OpenText

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