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Empower users to find answers within structured and unstructured data using AI-driven enterprise search

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Analyze 160+ repository types and 2,000+ file types and get answers in minutes

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In most corporations, unstructured and structured data resides in hundreds of file formats and form factors across various networks and repositories. Users are forced to manually search through all that scattered data to get the information they need.

OpenText™ Aviator Search uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to allow users to seamlessly access and extract data—regardless of format—through a conversational interface. With easy access to existing information, users can analyze data in real time from multiple sources, quickly find answers and gain insights, and make better decisions.

Have a conversation with your data

Help your enterprise users find faster answers, make better decisions, and gain greater productivity with AI-based search

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    If you can say it, you can search it

    Find the content you need faster and regardless of format, with the ability to extract concepts and insights from written or spoken language using AI, probabilistic modeling, and NLP algorithms.

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    Mine golden insights within Microsoft 365

    Access and leverage all your Microsoft data, eliminating the need to separately search through emails, Teams, and SharePoint, and maximizing productivity.

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    Real-time answers—when you need them

    Stop sifting through documents and instantly unlock precise answers, validated by a curated list of referenced sources.

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    Transform users with the magic of AI

    Eliminate technological, training, and data access barriers and give users secure, permission-based access to the answers they need.

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    Get more out of your data with AI

    Go beyond search results—uncover new insights within structured and unstructured data and find the answers you need to improve your work.

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    Find it and share it with confidence

    Keep your search compliant and your data secure knowing users can only find answers in information they have been granted access to.

Leave no stone unturned, unanalyzed, or unknown

Use AI search to find what you need to index revenue- and compliance-impacting data in-place for a precise, flexible, and secure data management strategy.

  • AI-based multi-repository search

    Give users their time back—let AI do the searching for them! Activate interactive, conversational chat-based search and use natural language questions to effortlessly find and act on relevant information.

  • PII and compliance 

    Who should have access to what information for how long? Understand the potential risks associated with unencrypted, personally identifiable information (PII) within your enterprise data using the power of AI. Prioritize compliance by securely retaining only essential information.

  • AI-powered unstructured data analytics 

    Automate the processing and analysis of text, documents, and rich media with advanced AI features like OCR, object detection, image classification, and object recognition. You can even inspect the content of protected files, including Azure Rights Management, AIP, and MIP.

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Start your AI journey with OpenText today to enhance business operations.

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  • Take advantage of AI in the OpenText Private Cloud for a flat fee
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  • Enable metadata and vectors to transform your content
  • Get your data ready to leverage LLMs
  • Partner with OpenText AI experts to help you with prompt-tuning to start your AI journey right

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