B2B / EDI Integration

OpenText BizManager

Exchange virtually any type or size document within a single solution for B2B and MFT


On-premises control and security, data translation, and MFT in a single solution

OpenText™ BizManager™ is an integrated B2B gateway that supports virtually all document types, communications protocols and industry standards. The solution offers Managed File Transfer (MFT), B2B messaging, mapping and translation, tracking, auditing, security, and compliance to enable organizations to quickly trade with suppliers and customers.

Why choose OpenText BizManager?

  • Market-leading expertise

    Join a B2B integration leader with experience delivering the strongest infrastructure, the broadest protocol support and the largest business network.

  • Fast and secure file transfers

    Transfer large files using the most secure data transfer standards available, including OpenText™ Fuel, a proprietary acceleration protocol for faster transmission.

How BizManager can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using BizManager.

  • Simplify integration

    Eliminate information silos and allow users to exchange all types of data and documents from a single platform.

  • Achieve 100% partner connectivity

    Accommodate partner communication preferences, including multiple transport protocols and any type of structured or unstructured data formats.

  • Increase efficiency

    Replace manual work with digital information exchange to increase the accuracy of business transactions, reduce cycle time and speed up time to revenue.

  • Ensure security and compliance

    Manage security at connectivity, payload and messaging-standard levels with secure standards, encryption, non-repudiation and digital certificates for authentication.

  • Future-proof integration capabilities

    Add scalability and fault-tolerance into MFT and B2B communications infrastructure.


  • Integrated B2B platform

    Offers an easy-to-use interface that automates information exchange of both structured and unstructured data, including invoices, ASNs, CAD drawings and video files.

  • Mapping and translation

    Transforms documents with simple drag-and-drop data mapping and provides pre-defined document definitions for EDI X12, EDIFACT and other EDI standards as well as mathematical, string, conditional, Boolean, numeric and time/date functions.

  • Centralized trading partner management

    Simplifies new trading partner setup and manages ongoing changes to trading partner profiles from a central location.

  • Ad hoc and large file transfer

    Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Outlook or any web browser to transmit large files up to 80 times faster than FTP or HTTP using the OpenText Fuel acceleration protocol.

  • Business activity monitoring and alerts

    Proactively identifies and resolves potential issues and offers archive and audit trail capabilities to ensure accountability when discrepancies arise.

  • API tools

    Enables integration with existing back-office systems.

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