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FinOps and Cloud Management

Optimize costs and gain management consistency across all clouds

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OpenText™ FinOps and Cloud Management products help organizations control, administer, and maintain their cloud infrastructure and tame cloud costs. IT teams can speed up multicloud self-service provisioning, control compliance with guardrails, and easily orchestrate cross-cloud operations from end to end.

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How FinOps and Cloud Management can benefit business

Manage cloud infrastructure, eliminate waste, and optimize cloud spend with FinOps and cloud management products.

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    Cut waste and manage cloud spend

    Leverage multicloud visibility, AI-powered recommendations, and self-service guardrails to tame cloud bills.

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    Optimize your cloud costs

    Gain personalized cloud spend views to drive budget accountability, prevent unexpected cloud costs, and stay in control.

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    Automate lifecycle operations

    Orchestrate provisioning and maintenance operations across all tools, technologies, and clouds.

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    Build and deliver apps and infrastructure

    Utilize blueprint designs and deliver virtual machines or multi-tier application stacks with self-service capabilities.