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OpenText ValueEdge

End-to-end, AI-powered value stream management and DevOps platform 

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OpenText™ ValueEdge™ is a cloud-based value stream management (VSM) and DevOps platform. Adopt at your own pace with a modular platform that covers your entire digital value stream—from planning to building, testing, delivering, and running your applications. 

Key benefits of ValueEdge

Advanced AI

Analysis and insights for smarter DevOps

Identify issues and take AI-recommended actions to pinpoint breakdowns or bottlenecks, improve time to market, automate tedious tasks, and deliver more value.

End-to-end DevSecOps

Find and fix security vulnerabilities fast

Make security everyone’s responsibility with transparent and traceable DevSecOps processes. Reduce risks and deliver faster, secure applications.

Strategic portfolio management

Measure outcomes and value from idea to delivery

Strategically align the people, tools, and data in your software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) from end-to-end with an integrated, holistic platform.


Flexible platform

Don’t replace the toolchain that’s working for you, start incrementally to fill in the gaps and start the path to end-to-end value stream visibility.

Complete visibility

Track and measure the metrics that matter and get AI-generated recommendations for how to improve.

Accelerate with automation

Build, test, and deliver faster with smart CI/CD tools, comprehensive testing, and continuous quality.


OpenText™ ValueEdge™ Agile

Manage Agile and DevOps work

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OpenText™ ValueEdge™ Functional Test

Leverage AI-powered functional testing

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OpenText™ ValueEdge™ Insights

Increase visibility of your digital value streams

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OpenText™ ValueEdge™ Quality

Gain interactive quality management

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OpenText™ ValueEdge™ Strategy

Define business objectives and key results

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Take advantage of OpenText and partner services

Professional Services

Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.


Find the right solution, the right support and the right outcome.


Learning Services offers comprehensive enablement and learning programs to accelerate knowledge and skills.


Explore our OpenText communities. Connect with individuals and companies to get insight and support. Get involved in the discussion.


OpenText ValueEdge™ data sheet

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How Value Stream Management gives your enterprise a competitive edge

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