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Performance Engineering

Ensure application quality with real-world performance testing

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OpenText™ Performance Engineering products help organizations deliver high-performance applications by enabling them to test complex load, stress, and performance scenarios. Achieve better test accuracy by emulating real-world network conditions, and eliminate bottlenecks and dependencies by creating realistic API simulations.

How Performance Engineering can benefit business

Test applications in real-world environments and enhance cross-functional collaboration with performance engineering products.

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    Break down silos

    Enable a cross-functional team of stakeholders—from developers to performance engineers—to seamlessly work together.

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    Create realistic applications

    Test real-world conditions and application performance before rolling out software.

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    Test at scale

    Leverage flexible deployment options, broad support for protocols and technologies, and burstable cloud resources to scale testing easily and economically.

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    Enhance collaboration

    Share scripts and view load testing data, progress, and runs in real-time across any application, protocol, or IDE.