Information management at scale

The internet changed everything.

With AI, everything must change.

  • 97%
    of executives agree AI will enable connections across data types.[1]
  • 34%
    of organizations leverage AI to create new revenue channels.[2]
  • 57%
    identify improved speed to market as a generative AI benefit.[3]

Overview is not just another technology or business case—it is our innovation mission to shape the future using generative AI. OpenText™ believes generative AI will impact many corporate use cases, including:

  • R&D/Software engineering
  • Support
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer operations
  • Supply chain and Manufacturing
  • Corporate IT
  • Risk and compliance

For over 30 years, OpenText has helped customers power and protect operational and transactional data. They can better manage experience data collected through digital, IT, application and business interactions. Now with, we help customers manage new learning data generated from AI models.

How can benefit business

  • Private and secure data

    Your proprietary data should not have to be in public domains to run large language models (LLMs). Instead, we bring vetted LLMs to your private data set. OpenText Private Cloud customers can experiment with a sandbox environment to try new use cases. AI is learning, but with OpenText your data remains private and secure.

  • Right model for the right job

    We believe in a poly-model approach. We help to vet LLMs against use cases and have a model squadron to get you started. It is about the outcomes you want from AI, and how we can help you achieve them.

  • Experiment with a trusted partner

    Business and technology transformations never end, so you want a trusted partner to help you make the AI pivot. OpenText Professional Services helps you explore the use cases and models that apply to your business, and navigate the complexities of AI.

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  • OpenText IT Operations Aviator
    Redefine all Level 1 business support (IT, HR, Sales, Procurement, and more). Use an interactive virtual agent with advanced Q&A chat capabilities—based on an LLM that spans all of your integrated content for automated responses to service requests.
  • OpenText DevOps Aviator
    Elevate developers with interactive chat assistance for Engineering QA. Gain better visibility into project status and risks. In the future, auto-generate test cases and software assets to improve productivity.
  • OpenText Experience Aviator
    Transform customer communications with new capabilities that enable personalized content creation. From authoring and creation, to auto-generated webpages and assets, dramatically improve the productivity of marketing, service and support teams by leveraging LLMs to automate the work.
  • OpenText Content Aviator
    Apply an interactive intelligent agent to your workspaces to utilize conversational search and AI-powered insights. Easily scan across all operational data repositories and transactional systems to bring the right content into the right context. In the future, models will learn from workspace interactions, behaviors and more to inform experiences.
  • OpenText Business Network Aviator
    Revolutionize traditional EDI and commerce workflows. Use LLMs to provide mapping assistance that enables rapid onboarding. Learn across EDI standards and vendor requirements to dramatically shorten the work and time required to establish smarter connections.
  • OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator
    Gain contextual threat intelligence via API cloud services and react to threats in real time with machine intelligence to strengthen cyber resilience.
  • OpenText Private Cloud Aviator
    Let our Professional Services team help you run private language models on your OpenText Private Cloud. We will stand up a sandbox with you to leverage your private data sets to experiment with LLM models–safely and securely.

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