OpenText Experience Aviator

Elevate customer communications and experiences with generative AI for customer success

See how OpenText Experience Aviator transforms customer communications with AI

Tailor every customer experience with generative AI

Transform customer communications and success with private, generative AI

It has never been more important for businesses to deliver personalized content that supports the customer journey from start to finish. However, many struggle to create diverse, scalable content that accurately leverages customer behavior for effective targeting. This leads to missed opportunities and suboptimal decisions.

OpenText™ Experience Aviator gives marketers and customer success teams an AI foundation to generate contextual, personalized, and relevant content, delighting customers while lightening the workload. Transform customer experience, boost performance, and deliver a personalized touch with private, generative AI and AI image generation.

Use AI to improve customer experience and drive up to 30% more revenue

Revolutionize the customer journey with powerful, personalized, AI-created content

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    Surprise customers with unique communications generated by AI

    Tap into your customer data and use AI to get creative with communications. Auto-generate webpages and assets in just minutes to dramatically improve the productivity of customer success, marketing, and customer support teams.

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    Create powerful moments that matter

    Craft new and exciting content—or update and improve existing content—for greater simplicity, understanding, and empathy. Empower authoring teams to speak with one brand voice and improve customer engagement and experiences.

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    Maintain data confidentiality

    Be confident your data will remain secure with a private LLM approach to generative AI. Ensure data confined within your organization's boundaries is only exposed to the people who should have access to it.

Craft personalized customer communications and experiences with AI

Make it easy to create, review, and deploy AI-generated content and visuals

Connect with an AI expert
  • Rich media management with secure AI image generation

    Generative AI and automation can help your customer-oriented teams enhance their creative processes, but it can put your data or brand at risk. Use image analytics and Google’s Imagen to automatically tag and watermark images and ensure control over when and how AI-generated imagery is used.

  • Next-level customer marketing

    Marketers need to effortlessly create tailored content at scale while tapping into customer behaviors for precise targeting. Predict behaviors and make informed decisions about the next best action for your most valuable customers using generative AI.

  • Content creation using AI-powered, natural language chat

    Organizations communicate with a wide range of customer audiences using multiple authors and methods. Allow authors to use AI to produce and edit content in various styles with a chat-based interface, making it easier to provide customers with highly personalized, empathetic, and relevant information.

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