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As Information Management becomes increasingly key to business strategies, it is critical that organizations possess the skills to maximize its impact. By using an experienced Managed Services provider, organizations can access these skills and maximize performance, efficiency and ROI on their projects.

How OpenText Off Cloud Managed Services can benefit business

Free up IT resources to focus on business imperatives and leave the OpenText application management to the vendor that developed it.

  • Increase productivity

    Enhance system availability, stability and performance for better user adoption and efficiency.

  • Free-up resources

    Focus IT resources on business innovation rather than everyday system management.

  • Enhance security

    Reduce risk with certified experts keeping solutions safe and secure.

  • Provide accountability

    Rely on certified OpenText professionals to be responsible and accountable for maintaining and optimizing mission-critical applications.

  • Proven expertise

    Leverage decades of experience working with organizations in every industry all over the world.

Take advantage of OpenText and partner services


OpenText offers a flexible deployment option for Off Cloud Managed Services.

Professional Services

OpenText Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.


OpenText helps customers find the right solution, the right support and the right outcome.


OpenText Learning Services offers comprehensive enablement and learning programs to accelerate knowledge and skills.


Explore our OpenText communities. Connect with individuals and companies to get insight and support. Get involved in the discussion.

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