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OpenText Output Transformation Server

Transform and generate documents at scale for digital presentment and accessibility

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Accessibility for Section 508 and ADA compliance

OpenText™ Output Transformation Server enables organizations to transform, store and present print-ready documents at scale, as well as in highly complete and structured accessible formats. Through high-performance document transformation, organizations can also index and archive high-volume documents and reduce paper usage.

Why choose OpenText Output Transformation Server?

  • Purpose-built for enterprises

    Leverage enterprise-grade scalability to suit single-document retrieval or high-volume print streams with performance and efficiency that increase with project size.

  • High degree of connectivity

    Seamlessly integrate with OpenText products like OpenText™ InfoArchive, OpenText™ Documentum and OpenText™ Output Server, as well as third-party applications through robust APIs.

  • Easy creation of accessible documents

    Automatically transform and present archived content in a highly usable, navigable and accessible format, such as PDF/UA, for persons requiring accessible technologies.

  • Cloud deployment

    Leverage Output Transformation Server in the OpenText Cloud, whether alongside, or embedded within, other cloud applications

How Output Transformation Server can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Output Transformation Server.

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    Modernize document transformation

    Innovate past manual transformation and remediation using a powerful engine that is available on-demand and delivers a high degree of consistency and completeness.

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    Reduce costs

    Remove reliance on third-party remediation services, decommission legacy applications and minimize capital expenditures around the cloud.

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    Deliver better user experiences

    Rapidly present documents across a variety of digital channels to create an excellent experience for all individuals.

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    Ensure accessibility compliance

    Quickly and easily adapt to ever-changing compliance and accessibility requirements with easy-to-use drag-and-drop configuration for high-volume documents.

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    Incorporate within business processes

    Graphically define and automate business logic and technical functions to deliver documents to the right place, in the right format, regardless of complexity.


  • Fast web-ready archiving

    Quickly retrieves and transforms content for on-demand presentation on web or mobile and optimizes print stream archiving while creating a smaller storage footprint.

  • Diverse transformation formats

    Transforms print streams from current or legacy systems into a wide variety of static or interactive formats, including AFP, PCL, Metacode/DJDE, PostScript, Line data, Image, XML and PDF.

  • Graphical UI

    Accelerates remediation by creating and defining rules for remediating high-volume documents in a repeatable and efficient way.

  • Single interface

    Integrates and embeds within Enterprise Content Management systems, enabling access and communication with content residing in external repositories through one connection.

  • Flexible capabilities

    Offers ability to incorporate third-party functionality and services, such as predictive analytics or document composition systems, or create additional integration components through the built-in Output Transformation Designer.

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