Flexible Credits

Add and redeem prepaid Flexible Credits for support services you need, when you need them

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Don’t be caught short-handed when deadlines loom or business throws you a curveball. OpenText™ Flexible Credits can be purchased upfront or any time during your contract to unlock short-term support services that will help you move your business-critical projects forward with speed. Redeem your Flexible Credits anytime during the 12-month period from purchase.

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How Flexible Credits can benefit business

Manage demands in real time with Flexible Credits in your back pocket.

  • Maximize choice

    Access a wide range of services or have us tailor an offering to meet your needs.

  • Leverage convenience

    Tap into prepaid support services—ready whenever you are—without the hassle of cutting a new PO.

  • Boost agility

    Address demands in real time to accelerate business-critical projects.

  • Guarantee peace of mind

    Meet deadlines, deliver results, and address risks with help from experts standing by ready to assist.

Supplemental support services

  • Extra support when the unexpected happens

    Store Flexible Credits away for unforeseen trouble so you can call in Premium Support reinforcement when you need it, whether you need remote or onsite support.

  • Special project assistance

    Enlist experienced Premium Support professionals who are ready to advise you on best practices so you can successfully complete your next migration or upgrade project.

  • Optimized product ROI

    Enable Premium Support to assess your software implementation supportability and suggest improvements so you can optimize performance, maintain a healthy environment, and maximize your product’s ROI.

  • Premium Support upgrade

    Leverage Premium Support professionals year-round for proactive guidance, personalized support, strategic management, and other daily support needs.

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