Threat Detection and Response

OpenText ArcSight cyDNA

Get a bird’s-eye view of how attacks are being carried out and what they’re targeting

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See how you can enhance threat hunting by breaking operational silos

OpenText™ ArcSight™ cyDNA is a SaaS-based, global signal analytics tool that discovers malicious traffic, defines digital genealogies, and monitors against future attacks to reveal adversarial behaviors, early warning signs, and sophisticated attack paths. Transform your security posture with internet traffic insights, going beyond organizational borders for a holistic view of threat actors.

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Why choose ArcSight cyDNA?

  • Post-organizational analytics

    Overcome organizational silos by analyzing global internet traffic and providing relevant entities with contextualized threat insights.

  • Cross-entity models

    Analyze and validate identified threats across your operations to provide multi-domain security.

  • Incident response optimization

    Accelerate the development of overall threat readiness and response with automated countermeasures and defensive capabilities.

How ArcSight cyDNA can benefit business

Discover how ArcSight cyDNA boosts your defenses and contextualize threats by analyzing malicious traffic and providing insights into active threats.

  • Reduce response time icon

    Minimize disruptions and damage 

    Discover, define, and monitor malicious internet signals beyond your perimeter to stay ahead of your adversaries.

  • Security operations icon

    Stop more attacks 

    Track threat actors through multiple proxies to see beyond digital disguises and uncover threat origins.

  • Accelerate business outcomes icon

    Reduce time to benefit and total cost of ownership 

    Plug and play with a frictionless SaaS service without imposing any hardware or administrative resource requirements.


  • Adversary signal analytics 

    Applies advanced analytics to malicious internet signals, removing noise and revealing targeted attacks.

  • Threat-actor attribution 

    Tracks threats beyond the borders of your perimeter to uncover who is attacking and to gain insight into their motives.

  • Cross-agency models 

    Cross-validates threat activity across multiple divisions within your organization.

  • SaaS-based deployment 

    Deploys without additional hardware, providing customized threat intelligence for an outside-in look at malicious internet traffic.

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