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OpenText NetIQ Privileged Account Manager

Centralize control over admin accounts across your entire IT landscape


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OpenText™ NetIQ™ Privileged Account Manager delivers centralized, privileged user access management across the entire IT landscape to enhance security measures and streamline compliance processes. Confidently navigate the complex terrain of privileged access to safeguard your organization's critical assets and adhere to regulatory standards and internal policies.

Why choose NetIQ Privileged Account Manager?

  • Just-in-time (JIT) access

    Grant enhanced privileges to users in real time, enhancing security and ensuring limited, time-bound access to privileged resources.

  • Session monitoring

    Verify privileged accounts and users with credential checkout, session recording, and keystroke logging.

  • Seamless integration

    Manage and monitor privileged access to accounts, applications, data, and systems from a single console.

  • Risk-based intelligence

    Integrate policy-based risk analysis or privileged credential activity assessment to streamline enforcement and reporting.

How NetIQ Privileged Account Manager benefits business

Optimize privileged access management, enhance security and compliance, and efficiently monitor privileged activity to reduce risk and ensure compliance in complex IT environments.

  • Streamline privileged account management

    Automate the identification of elevated rights, reduce risk, and enhance efficiency in complex IT environments to simplify and secure access management.

  • Boost security and compliance with dynamic access control

    Implement real-time security policies that align access with roles and responsibilities, combating “privilege creep” and granting least-privilege access.

  • Improve privileged activity monitoring efficiency

    Proactively track and monitor privileged activity to swiftly identify and remediate potential threats, ensuring compliance and minimizing security risks.


  • Enterprise credential vault

    Safeguards credentials with an enterprise-grade vault for enhanced security and access control.

  • Privileged account monitoring database

    Enhances security by monitoring privileged accounts for users, tools, and applications within the database.

  • Risk profiling for high-risk users

    Swiftly identifies high-risk users through advanced risk profiling for proactive security measures.

  • Flexible deployment and support

    Deploys seamlessly on Windows and Linux systems with the flexibility of both agent-based and agentless support.

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