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Automate manual tasks so users can focus on higher-value activity

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of organizations realize that they must transform into a true digital business in order to survive.[1]


Make customers and employees happy with OpenText™ Cloud Capture

OpenText™ Core Capture is a SaaS-based capture application that automates classification and data extraction. Core Capture combines standard capture features, such as optical character recognition (OCR), with powerful machine learning to automate content ingestion and accelerate information routing to the right users and systems.

Why choose OpenText Core Capture?

  • Fully integrated document recognition

    Classify incoming documents and automatically initiate business processes.

  • Embedded machine learning

    Automatically classify new documents with machine learning capabilities that improve accuracy and accelerate transactional business processing.

  • Intelligent document recognition

    Employ multiple methods to classify both standard document types and unique content related to business processes.

How Core Capture can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core Capture.

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  • Meet all requirements with one capture solution

    Support knowledge workers and processes across multiple business units and locations.

  • Automate manual processes

    Minimize time-consuming sorting and indexing tasks, enabling users to focus on validating high-confidence results and perfecting the data for downstream business systems.

  • Free up important resources

    Simplify deployment and automate software updates with a cloud capture system that addresses shared services requirements and allows users to focus on business tasks.

  • Simplify document identification and routing

    Organize new content based on document type, extracting relevant metadata and connecting to any business system.


  • Web-based client

    Offers a single user interface for all administrative and capture processes.
  • Single-click entry

    Auto-populates metadata fields with selected text, taking advantage of preset rules to make sure the right data is extracted.

  • Data-type highlighting

    Identifies keywords with a color-coded, ergonomic UI, showing data accuracy confidence and indicating whether the selected data matches the expected results.
  • Multiple export options

    Shares data with multiple applications, including OpenText™ Core Share, OpenText™ Core Content, OpenText™ Intelligent Capture and all leading ECM and ERP solutions.

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Core Capture resources

Single click entry and pre-set keyword rules

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Admin and User Access

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  1. [1] AIIM, 2021 State of the Intelligent Information Management Industry, April 2021