Information Capture and Extraction

OpenText Core Capture

Transform content in the cloud to empower intelligent document processing

of organizations prioritize automation for processes that suffer from poor employee productivity or errors[1]


Transform paper and digital content into actionable data with OpenText Core Capture

OpenText™ Core Capture is an information capture public cloud SaaS application that leverages continuous machine learning to automate intelligent file classification and data extraction. Core Capture combines standard capture features, such as optical character recognition (OCR), with powerful AI technology to enable intelligent document processing and secure information routing to the right users and systems.

Why choose OpenText Core Capture?

  • Continuous machine learning

    Reduce set-up and maintenance costs by eliminating the need to manually train and periodically update recognition models.

  • Multiple recognition technologies

    Ensure documents and data are ready for use and enable efficient processes with a multi-engine approach that identifies document types and analyzes text to understand context.

  • Human-in-the-loop validation

    Improve accuracy and reduce ongoing maintenance by providing reviewers with a simple web UI that automatically feeds into the continuous learning engine.

How Core Capture can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core Capture.

  • Reduce IT burden with SaaS

    Free up IT resources with simplified deployment and automated software upgrades.

  • Unify information capture across departments and locations

    Scale capture and shared services to support organization-wide content by automatically extracting information that arrives as paper, emails, PDFs, and images.

  • Boost employee productivity

    Optimize workflows with automation and a simple user interface to maximize employee efficiency and satisfaction.

  • Simplify compliance and document access

    Strengthen information governance by automatically classifying and filing documents based on metadata extracted from semi-structured and unstructured content.


  • Intelligent document classification

    Automatically identifies documents based on multiple, patented classification technologies that combine text and graphical methods to deliver higher accuracy and faster performance than would be possible using only a single technology.

  • Intelligent data extraction and validation

    Improves the accuracy of information delivered to other business systems by leveraging built-in OCR, continuous machine learning, and integrations with third-party recognition engines that help optimize OCR accuracy across 85 languages and locales.

  • SaaS deployment

    Manages capture operations with a scalable platform hosted by OpenText, with data residency options in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

  • Single-click entry with data-type highlighting

    Highlights possible choices for a field to make it faster and easier for users to select the correct data, then auto-populates metadata fields with selected text, taking advantage of preset rules to make sure the right data is extracted.

  • Configurable capture workflows

    Enables users to design workflows to meet business requirements. Whether adding additional reviewers or allowing background processing, workflow templates can be created using a simple no-code modeler.

  • Multiple export options

    Shares data with multiple applications, including OpenText™ Core Content, OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ Documentum™, OpenText™ Intelligent Capture, OpenText™ AppEnhancer and other line-of-business solutions using CMIS.

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