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OpenText Freeway Cloud

Easily connect to buyers and vendors with a cost effective small business EDI solution


See how to transition to a digitized order management process

OpenText™ Freeway Cloud allows SMBs to exchange business documents with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to meet large buyer and vendor requirements. Requiring no prior EDI expertise, Freeway Cloud offers B2B connectivity for document exchange, including orders, advanced shipping notices (ASNs), invoices and payments.

Why choose OpenText Freeway Cloud?

  • Easy and affordable

    Enable trading with larger organizations and improve business process efficiency with crucial EDI capabilities at a reasonable price point.

  • B2B integration leader

    Take advantage of 24/7 technical expertise and a leading EDI platform with a long history and proven track record enabling small business B2B connectivity.

How Freeway Cloud can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Freeway Cloud.

  • Simplify connectivity

    Leverage the cloud and pre-built integrations to enable digital B2B connectivity support for simple to complex business processes.

  • Become a preferred partner

    Quickly meet the increasing requirements of buyers and vendors for EDI connectivity, minimize inefficiencies and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Increase productivity

    Digitize and automate business document exchange to efficiently handle increasing order volumes, refocusing staff from manual workloads to business value activity.

  • Gain visibility

    Automate data processing to enhance reporting and analysis, identifying purchasing patterns and highest volume items to ensure the right stock is on hand.

  • Accelerate partner onboarding

    Rapidly onboard new business partners with a growing library of data maps and forms.

  • Grow with the global leader in B2B integration

    Leverage OpenText’s business network experts and portfolio of B2B solutions to meet growing business needs.


  • Feature-rich EDI solution

    Offers intuitive dashboards and rich feature sets to easily manage trading partner locations, import/export information, electronically request delivery slots and receive electronic confirmations and references.

  • Any-to-any connectivity

    Allows users to exchange any message type using leading EDI standards, including ANSI, XML, EDIFACT and Tradacoms, and communications protocols, such as AS2, FTP and SFTP, to evolve with ongoing standards changes and partner requirements.

  • Pre-built EDI integration library

    Includes a library of pre-built data maps and forms to connect quickly and easily with strategic customers, such as Amazon, Costco, Target, CVS, Nordstrom and Walmart.

  • Inventory management

    Streamlines business processes with cross-docking, drop shipping and enhanced pick and pack capabilities to better manage and plan inventory, shipping and receiving.

  • Visibility and error reporting

    Offers an at-a-glance status check of critical business documents with smart alert functionality and an intuitive exception-based dashboard.

  • Multi-user support

    Allows access to multiple users to delegate and streamline duties and ensure efficiency of supply chain processes.

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