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OpenText NetIQ Advanced Authentication

Enable passwordless and multifactor authentication for simple, organization-wide protection

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OpenText™ NetIQ™ Advanced Authentication is a standards-based authentication framework that’s easy to configure and maintain and is designed to protect your entire organization. Modernize to passwordless or multifactor authentication with this centralized solution to eliminate silos and enable greater security and manageability.

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Why choose NetIQ Advanced Authentication?

  • Standards-based authentication framework

    Consolidate your authentication silos to reduce administrative costs and eliminate uneven or out-of-date policies.

  • Geofencing

    Manage authentication levels based on the GPS location received from the user’s phone, and define safe zones that prioritize convenience over strong authentication.

  • Offline login support

    Access private information through single or multifactor authentication, even without connectivity.

  • Multi-tenant support

    Protect your organization even if it has multiple divisions or business units with vastly different requirements, or if you need individualized configurations.

  • Helpdesk mode

    Ensure a positive end-to-end customer experience by enabling support for enrollment, re-enrollment, token assignment, emergency passwords, and more.

How NetIQ Advanced Authentication can benefit business

Adopt passwordless authentication to cement customer satisfaction and trust with smooth and secure access to digital resources.

  • Improve password flexibility

    Improve password flexibility

    Enroll your desired authentication methods and integrate the types of resources you want to protect.

  • Protect against phishing

    Upgrade to passwordless authentication for defense against the most common approach to attacking credentials.

  • Reduce administrative overhead

    Eliminate redundant administration work inherent with siloed authentication infrastructures.

  • Eliminate uneven authentication policies

    Centralize policies to remove authentication silos and make it easier to update authentication when a user changes roles or leaves the organization.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in

    Leverage a standards-based approach so you’re not stuck with the framework or the methods plugged into it.

  • Enhance Microsoft Azure authentication

    Integrate with Azure to unlock more passwordless options for your Microsoft services as well as a single framework across your entire heterogenous environment.


  • Consistent authentication

    Simplifies administration and policy enforcement with a single framework that meets all authentication needs where a single set of templates reside.

  • Adaptive authentication

    Analyzes users’ contextual risk metrics to adapt their authentication experience to the risk at hand.

  • Enrollment portal

    Provides a simple portal for users to enroll all the available methods you’ve onboarded onto the framework.

  • Multifactor authentication with AD FS

    Empowers IT security teams to extend access to more methods and application integrations.

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