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Cloud Managed Services

Unlock the Power of Information: Cloud Managed Services

Discover how cloud-based managed services can help businesses secure the information advantage, so they can compete, innovate and win in a rapidly changing world.

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The Quarantine Chronicles

Mark reveals 20 lessons OpenText has learned across three years of global disruption, and how our culture and agility make us unstoppable as we begin the next chapter.

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Overview of the OpenText Cloud

Explore how a shift to the cloud can accelerate information-led transformations and elevate every individual across the business with new capabilities.

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Unleash the information advantage: CEO position papers

  • Understand why information is today’s most disruptive force, and how organizations can power and protect it to gain the information advantage.

    The Future of Work and the Distributed Organization

    Discover how to retain talent and shape the future of work by leveraging the distributed model and its flexibility-first strategies.

    Are You Ready for the Great Rethink?

    Learn how to adapt and thrive in the face of the fastest, deepest technology disruption in history.

    The Information Advantage

    Find out why building sustainable businesses requires the information advantage—the outcome of using information to its full potential.

    The Resilient Organization: COVID-19 and New Ways to Work

    Discover how resilient organizations anticipate, respond and transform to navigate massive disruption.

  • Turn exponential opportunities into sustained business value by leveraging new technologies in the cloud.

    The Destination for Innovation

    Learn how the cloud helps modernize legacy IT and offers new and better approaches to integrate, transform, scale and prosper.

    OpenText Cloud Editions: The Ultimate Cloud™

    Explore how information management and OpenText’s Ultimate Cloud enable key capabilities for the intelligent, secure and connected business.

    Interactive Preview - OpenText Cloud Editions: The Ultimate Cloud™

    Delve into this interactive preview to learn how to empower your business, own your information management journey and grow with OpenText.

  • Lead the way in the future of work with digital fabrics that connect content across ecosystems and drive collaboration.

    A New Way to Work

    Rethink content services and put content in context. Discover how to stay productive and compliant while dealing with disruption.

  • Protect information at scale—on the cloud, on the edge—to reduce risk and build resilience.

    The Future of Cyber Resilience

    Understand how to leverage cloud technologies to create a multi-layer defense strategy and build cyber resilience for the future.

    Creating Trust in a Zero Trust World

    Learn about the zero-trust cybersecurity model and why today’s threats cannot be fought with yesterday’s strategies.

  • Digitize supply chains and build new capabilities to become more agile, connected and sustainable.

    The Circular Economy

    Discover the unique opportunity behind the circular economy—the only possible economy of the future.

  • Deliver multi-channel engagement and deep personalization to wow customers with seven-star experiences.

    The Internet of Me

    Learn how to use data to better understand customers and create exceptional experiences across the customer journey.

  • Integrate exponential technologies, from 5G to AI and machine learning, for deep business insights and a powerful advantage.

    Augmented Intelligence

    Explore how AI helps companies unlock the value of data to improve decision-making, increase competitiveness and maximize revenues.

    In-depth insights for the future of business: CEO books

    The Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

    Mark shares his insights on how macro-trends in AI, cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), automation and security are impacting enterprise information.

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    Digital Manufacturing

    The 4th Industrial Revolution is driven by analytics, AI, machine learning, robotics, the IoT and more. Learn why information management is the digital backbone for smart factories around the world.

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    The Golden Age of Innovation

    Disruptive technologies are revolutionizing business and transforming the world. From the sharing economy to automation and the "Digital Self," understand the impacts of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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    Digital Financial Services: The Greatest Revolution Since Minted Money

    Learn how financial institutions can transform business processes, operate at the speed of digital and deliver products and services using digital channels.

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    On Digital

    Digital has the power to shatter entire industries and displace market leaders—or it can be a force for innovation and introducing new business models. Learn why it is "digital or die."

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    Digital: Disrupt or Die

    Digital technology is changing the rules of business with the promise of increased opportunity and innovation. Explore the relationship between products, services and information management.

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    e-Government or Out of Government

    Discover how governments at every level can use digital technologies to improve mission performance, increase transparency, engage citizens and provide faster access to services.

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    Enterprise Information Management: The Next Generation of Enterprise Software

    In an increasingly social and mobile world, there are more ways than ever to capture information and turn it into knowledge, but there are also risks—information silos, data loss and security leaks.

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