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OpenText™ Fortify™ On Demand


OpenText Fortify On Demand

OpenText™ Fortify™ On Demand is an AppSec as a service offering complete with essential tools, training, AppSec management, and integrations, so you can easily create, supplement, and expand your software security assurance program. It supports secure development through continuous feedback to the developer’s desktop at DevOps speed and scalable security testing embedded into the development tool chain.

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Why choose Fortify On Demand?

  • Industry-leading solutions

    Partner with the only application security provider to offer SAST, SCA, DAST, IAST, and MAST as services.

  • Fast remediation

    Quickly resolve issues throughout the software lifecycle with robust assessments by a team of security experts.

  • Easy integration

    Leverage an easy-to-use integration ecosystem to create a more secure software supply chain and enable maturity at scale.

  • Support and expertise

    Get 24/7 support for the comprehensive platform with a dedicated support team and a technical account manager.

  • FedRAMP certification

    Use a solution that has delivered SAST, DAST, and SCA to federal, state, and local government, education agencies, and government contractors since 2015.

  • Undisputed leadership

    Rely on the only AppSec solution recognized as a market leader by Gartner, Forrester, IDC and G2.

How Fortify on Demand can benefit business

Accelerate your AppSec initiatives and detect the latest vulnerabilities with an AppSec as a service solution.

  • Enable comprehensive security testing icon

    Enable comprehensive security testing

    Leverage a wide range of security testing techniques, including SAST, DAST, and MAST.

  • Scale to any AppSec need icon

    Scale to any AppSec need

    Manage a few applications or thousands with a solution that can scale to meet any needs, regardless of the organization’s size.

  • Avoid on-premises infrastructure hassles Icon

    Avoid on-premises infrastructure hassles

    Gain the flexibility and accessibility of a cloud-based service without having to install or maintain on-premises infrastructure.

  • Integrate with DevOps icon

    Integrate with DevOps

    Support DevOps and Agile development methodologies by seamlessly integrating into your DevOps processes and enabling continuous security testing and rapid vulnerability remediation.

  • Empower AppSec Icon

    Empower AppSec

    Launch AppSec initiatives in a day, expand your software security assurance program, and enable security testing, vulnerability management, and tailored expertise.

  • Detect the latest vulnerabilities icon

    Detect the latest vulnerabilities

    Regularly update rule packs with the latest vulnerabilities to ensure scan results are audited and false positives are removed.


  • Application assessments

    Identifies the applications that need to be secured by allowing users to scan a wide variety of applications, from web applications to mobile apps and APIs.

  • Automated scans

    Enables automated application scans—including SAST, DAST, and MAST—providing insights into potential vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability identification

    Generates detailed reports that highlight vulnerabilities by their criticality, helping users prioritize remediation efforts.

  • Remediation and reporting

    Offers guidance for remediating vulnerabilities and generates customizable reporting so stakeholders can track progress and measure your AppSec program’s effectiveness.

  • Continuous monitoring

    Supports continuous application monitoring, including automatically scanning your codebase as it evolves to ensure new vulnerabilities are promptly addressed.

  • Training and education

    Provides educational resources and training materials so development and security teams can better understand AppSec practices, allowing your organization to build a strong AppSec culture.

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