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Hybrid Integration Platform

Accelerate business integration across an extended digital ecosystem

of organizations consider business integration as highly important to their operations [1]


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OpenText™ Hybrid integration allows companies to employ a step-by-step approach when migrating to cloud-based integration environments. It provides the flexibility to shift to the cloud at a pace that reflects their needs, infrastructure and trading community. OpenText offers a single integration environment that fully supports any combination of cloud or on-prem technologies.

How Hybrid Integration Platform can benefit business

  • Scalable business integration

    Choose only the business integration tools needed to seamlessly connect with internal business systems or external trading partners.

  • Connect both cloud and on-premises systems

    Implement a digital backbone that has the flexibility to support current and future deployment models.

  • Select self-service or managed services

    Retain control of the integration environment or rely on an extensive range of experts, best practices and technologies to manage and optimize maintenance and performance.

  • Leverage the API economy

    Leverage an extensive suite of API connectors to integrate information flows between business applications or across external trading partners.

  • Gain valuable insights

    Improve decision making and optimize ecosystem performance with visibility into data and transaction flows.

Featured products

Create a flexible, scalable digital backbone that connects people, systems and things across the extended business environment.

OpenText™ Trading Grid™

Connect once, reach anything. Seamlessly integrate people, systems and things.

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OpenText™ Trading Grid™ API Connectors

Leverage the full power of the API economy with modern integration capabilities

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OpenText™ Lens™

Get end-to-end visibility into integrated data flows

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OpenText™ Business Network Cloud Enterprise

Leverage people, processes and technologies to manage B2B integration requirements

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OpenText™ Business Network Cloud Foundation

Get access to enterprise grade B2B integration capabilities for any size business

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