Endpoint Management and Mobile Security

Manage, secure, and protect users and devices

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OpenText™ Endpoint Management and Mobile Security products allow organizations to unify traditional and mobile endpoint device management to reduce license costs, protect the organization, and empower remote workers. IT teams can manage, secure, protect, back up, and analyze endpoint devices anywhere.

How Endpoint Management and Mobile Security solutions can benefit business

Protect devices, support remote workers, and enhance security with endpoint management and mobile security products.

  • Streamline endpoint management

    Streamline endpoint management

    Provision devices, compliance requirements, software patches, and applications across all devices with a single touch.

  • Improve productivity

    Improve productivity

    Empower remote workers from any location on any device.

  • protect data

    Protect data

    Secure organizational data and devices across all endpoints to help prevent device theft, software vulnerabilities, and ransomware.

  • reduce cost

    Reduce costs and risks

    Unify endpoint management to save on licensing costs and enable IT to efficiently manage, secure, protect, and analyze endpoint use.