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ValueEdge DevOps Platform

Accelerate, monitor, and orchestrate digital value streams

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The OpenText™ ValueEdge™ DevOps Platform offers cloud-based DevOps and value stream management (VSM), enabling IT teams to improve the value, flow, and quality of software delivery to the broader business. Leverage a multiphase workflow to demolish silos, provide value to customers, and enhance application delivery—from strategy to production.

How the ValueEdge DevOps Platform can benefit business

Streamline software development—from strategy to production—and deliver value to customers with a cloud-based DevOps and VSM platform.

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    Make smart connections

    Get visibility across the software development lifecycle (SDLC) by integrating all tools.

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    Deliver value faster

    Overcome demand, staffing, and quality challenges—whether functional or performance—with AI-powered insights and recommendations.

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    Accelerate value to the business

    Find and eliminate bottlenecks to plan and execute a waste-free flow from demand to delivery.