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OpenText™ Exceed™ is a high-performance Windows remote access solution for graphically demanding Linux® and UNIX X11 software solutions, such as CAD and CAM. Exceed integrates Windows® desktops with UNIX, Linux, VMS, X-Window System and IBM® iSeries, and z/OS system environments. With Exceed, organizations have secure and reliable access to X-Window applications from Microsoft® Windows and Citrix® virtual desktops over the LAN.

Why choose OpenText Exceed?

  • Shared X11 Linux and UNIX workstations

    Reduce IT costs by sharing expensive Linux and UNIX hosts among multiple users, with LAN access to Linux and UNIX X11 applications through low-cost Windows computers.

  • Comprehensive LAN-based remote access solution

    Access business critical solutions on Linux, UNIX and mainframes from Microsoft Windows computers in an organization's local area network (LAN).

How Exceed can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Exceed.

  • Improve X11 display accuracy

    Provides detailed and accurate graphical 2D and 3D X11 application content displays to CAD, CAM, CAAD and other high-precision graphics users.

  • Enhance security

    Enable highly secure user authentication and full encryption of all data flows to prevent eavesdropping and compromised user access.

  • Easily access IBM mainframes

    Leverage an included terminal emulation for easy, centrally managed access to IBM mainframes.

  • Automate enterprise deployment

    Leverage the tools IT administrators require for easy mass deployment inside an organization without the need to configure every user installation.

X11 for Windows Features

  • Access for graphical Linux and UNIX applications

    Enables LAN-based remote access to Linux and UNIX graphical software, such as CAD/CAM/CAE applications and medical imaging suites.

  • Multiple remote connections

    Establishes simultaneous connections to different computers running X applications and displays a familiar interface to an X environment.

  • File upload and printing

    Offers an FTP and SFTP client for easy file upload and download with remote systems as well as local printing capabilities.

  • Latest operating systems support

    Fully supports the latest Windows operating systems as well as the latest Citrix virtual desktops.

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Frequently asked questions

X11, also known as X Windows or the X Window System, is a graphical windowing system that allows applications to create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) on Linux and UNIX operating systems. It facilitates the management of windows, rendering of graphics, and user interaction through a client-server architecture.

In a corporate setting, running CAD/CAM software via X11 on Windows offers significant advantages. It allows engineers and designers to leverage powerful Unix-based CAD/CAM tools on Windows machines without needing separate hardware or virtualization solutions. This facilitates seamless collaboration, enhances productivity, and provides access to specialized tools crucial for product design and manufacturing tasks.

Imagine an aerospace company that uses specialized CAD/CAM software designed for Unix environments. By implementing X11 on Windows, engineers can seamlessly run the software on their Windows workstations. This allows them to design intricate components, simulate manufacturing processes, and collaborate on complex projects without switching between different machines or environments.

Exceed performs best inside the fast corporate network because X11 is generating high amounts of network traffic. OpenText has a solution for fast and secure remote access to X11 applications over the Internet which significantly reduces the network traffic used for X11 application.

Exceed supports highly secure user authentication including smartcard authentication and encrypts all data flows to prevent eavesdropping.

Exceed provides full support for multiple monitors up to the specifications of the used graphics card.

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