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Emulate terminals for IBM 3270 and 5250, UNIX and FTP in Microsoft Windows

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OpenText™ HostExplorer™ is a Windows terminal emulator for IBM 3270, IBM 5250 and VT terminal sessions that offers cost effective and secure access to mainframe applications. Users can launch terminal sessions from an easy to use web interface or use the Windows® application. HostExplorer easily migrates capabilities from other terminal emulation software.

Why choose OpenText HostExplorer?

  • Save on terminal emulator maintenance costs

    Switching to HostExplorer from IBM PComm can save organizations up to 70% on maintenance costs per year with a two year Return on Investment.

  • Easy migration

    Import all existing profiles, macros, colors, toolbars and other settings from previously used terminal emulation software to deliver the same user experience.

How HostExplorer can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using HostExplorer.

  • Leverage investments in legacy systems

    Continue to derive value from large investments into IBM mainframe and AS/400 software with easy, cost effective access via HostExplorer.

  • Expand with easy scalability

    Support growing user bases with easy access and easy deployment, including central license management.

  • Increase security

    Secure systems and data streams with a best practice security strategy.

  • Increase user productivity

    Automate common tasks using HostExplorer macros to increase the productivity of terminal emulation users.


  • 3270 and 5250 sessions

    Provides browser and Windows application access to IBM z/OS and AS/400 terminal applications, supports VT 52 to 420 and WyseTerm terminal emulation, and includes an FTP client.

  • Comprehensive security features

    Supports SmartCard authentication, SSL encryption, TLS 1.2 and Kerberos 4/5 encryption. Includes integrated SOCKS support for secure firewall traversal. Offers Secure Shell 2 support through optional OpenText Secure Shell.

  • Centralized management

    Saves and manages user profiles centrally for easy deployment, configuration and customization, including access to LDAP authentication.

  • Easy migration from other terminal emulation products

    Automates migration from Attachmate Extra!, MicroFocus Rumba or IBM PComm and imports all customizations, such as profiles, colors, keyboards, toolbars, printing definitions and hotspots, with automatic macro conversion.

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