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Unlock the value within core business applications

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Enterprise application modernization for today's digital economy

Modernize your strategic COBOL and mainframe applications to better meet your changing business needs. Let OpenText™ enable your modernization journey quickly without compromising your core business systems and data. Our application modernization solutions help you build on proven IT investments you rely on every day. Deliver continuous value while managing a fast-paced and ever-changing IT landscape.

Unlock the true value in your strategic core business systems

Discover how to deliver immediate and incremental value, while securing access to core COBOL and mainframe applications. Achieving smarter application modernization means striking the right balance between cost, risk and speed to market.

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    Manage IT costs and complexity

    Control costs by modernizing and optimizing IT operations and resources. Bring new development tools, skillsets and practices that balance IT spend and support your application strategy.

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    Mitigate risks without compromise

    Deliver standardized data security across your enterprise, with modern host access by moving core mainframe applications to new platforms and environments like public cloud.

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    Innovate faster and create new value

    Deliver new business value from existing COBOL and mainframe applications using modern tools and new platforms, including cloud.

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    Build, deploy and secure applications at enterprise scale

    Scale mainframe and COBOL application resources on demand as needed to support changing business requirements and increased customer demand.

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    Extend enterprise-level security to the mainframe

    Strengthen mainframe security and increase resilience to cyber threats with a single approach to secure application access for the enterprise and the mainframe.

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    Access the mainframe from the cloud

    Enable secure, modern, centrally managed zero-footprint access to host applications on- or off-cloud.

Featured products

OpenText Application Modernization helps you secure, access, analyze, develop, test, modernize, and deploy mainframe and COBOL applications. Deliver new value faster, with lower risk, by transforming your core business applications, processes, and infrastructure—from mainframe to cloud.

Mainframe modernization

Deploy comprehensive and flexible analysis, development, test, and multi-platform deployment solutions.

COBOL application modernization

Build, deploy and modernize your COBOL business applications.

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Mainframe automation

Scalable RPA for mainframe application automation.

Secure mainframe access

Block cyber threats by securing host access using MFA, TLS, and more.

Mainframe access in the cloud

Modern mainframe access, anywhere, anytime, on any device


Next generation CORBA solutions—ready for REST, Docker containers and the Cloud.

Mainframe change management and deployment

What makes OpenText different

  • Our agnostic position in the application modernization marketplace

    Instead of us prescribing a destination, you set the terms of your modernization journey. Your business strategy, powered by a flexible OpenText solution, drives the agenda.

  • Our comprehensive, holistic view of modernization

    We will continue to support your application modernization strategy, with increased flexibility to enable the technologies that matter to your organization—to the cloud and beyond.

  • Decades of experience and proven success

    We know what it takes to ensure you have a successful modernization journey, achieving success quickly, delivering new value to the business and avoiding costly, painful mistakes.

  • The flexibility to run your solution anywhere

    Whether on premises, private cloud, or hyperscaler (Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure), we offer application flexibility and portability for your mainframe and COBOL systems.

Leaders trust OpenText

See how customers are succeeding with OpenText Application Modernization.

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