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Stage Stores has implemented significant logistical changes with the goal of improving supply chain efficiency and strengthening the compliance information conduit with their suppliers. This initiative provides timely email notifications of supply chain violations to the appropriate contact within an organization. The moment a supply chain violation is identified and recorded within a distribution facility, an immediate e-mail notification will be communicated. Suppliers will then have immediate access to their non-compliance information via this site.

The goal is simple: provide you—the supplier—with a Non-Compliance Avoidance path where both you and Stage Stores WINS!!

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IMPORTANT: Stage Stores Partners with BAR Code Graphics as our Label Certification Lab.

Identification Labs, a division of Bar Code Graphics, employs a standard-based testing program to ensure that labels are graded according to recognized global standards. Certification is REQUIRED for new and existing suppliers, and is recommended whenever changes to equipment or software are made. Please visit our Stage Compliance Portal to register for label certification.


Suppliers are required to read and confirm compliance with Stage Stores' "Vendor Compliance Requirements for Sourcing and Manufacturing Merchandise". CLICK HERE for direct access to this form. Suppliers are required to complete the "Certification Form" found in addendum "I" located on page 72 of the 7-1-2015 Effective Compliance Guide.