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Meet global mandates and compliance regulations with automated electronic invoicing solutions

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Companies are under increasing pressure to adopt electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing). While the cost savings and process efficiency benefits are clear, the complexity of legacy systems, multiple channels and country-specific legal requirements often overshadow the benefits. New e-Invoicing mandates, increasing cost pressures and growing business expectations are forcing companies to overcome their reluctance and embrace e-Invoicing solutions.

e-Invoicing software and solutions automate the electronic invoicing process, removing compliance and management complexity and leaving the benefits.

Key benefits

Reduce operational costs, gain process efficiency and meet compliance regulations with an automated end-to-end electronic invoicing solution that is easily adopted and fully compliant with regulations around the world.

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  • Maintain global compliance

    Meet post-audit and clearance e-Invoicing regulations in more than 48 countries with e-Invoicing software.

  • Reduce processing costs

    Reduce errors, delays and penalties while taking advantage of early payment discounts with an efficient electronic invoicing system.

  • Increase process automation

    Improve agility, speed and visibility with workflows that automatically identify data, initiate next steps and distribute information.

  • Simplify tax audits

    Provide easy access to all key VAT data for internal stakeholders and external auditors throughout mandatory retention periods.

Business impacts

  • Global compliance requirements

    Organizations need to meet global invoicing mandates, such as the French government mandate. Keeping up with new and evolving regulations is time-consuming and error-prone. Easily meet compliance requirements in more than 45 countries.
  • Increase cash flow

    Early payment discounts offer a simple way to cut costs. But, with manual touchpoints and lengthy processes, organizations struggle to meet deadlines let alone get ahead of them. Automate e-Invoicing processes and maximize discounts.

  • Invoice processing automation

    Many companies, such as manufacturers, want to compete globally. As more countries mandate e‑Invoicing, companies that still rely on paper-based invoice processing will be left behind. Modernize and automate invoice processes to stay competitive.
  • Application and platform integration

    Invoicing processes involve touchpoints across and outside the business. Silos between internal applications, suppliers and customers create friction in workflows. Integrate applications with the community to improve agility and visibility.

  • Tax auditing

    When an audit hits, relevant information must be located quickly. Searching through siloed files massively drains resources and productivity. Minimize the impact of auditing requirements with a centralized legal archive.
  • Tailored invoicing for manufacturing

    Manufacturers must adapt invoices to meet specific regional requirements. Manually tailoring the same invoice to meet each requirement wastes valuable time. Leverage an electronic invoicing solution to streamline invoice customization.

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Frequently asked questions

E-Invoicing is a fully digital approach to the billing process, where invoices are generated, managed, sent and received online.

E-Invoicing software allows a business to create and send invoices digitally via email, instead of printing and mailing a paper copy to the customer. Most e-Invoicing solutions are capable of integrating with other systems, such as inventory management, for even greater efficiency.

What’s right for your business will depend on its size, your industry, customer base and other factors. It is important to ensure the e-Invoicing solution offers all the functions you need and is flexible and scalable to meet changing needs.

OpenText offers a variety of scalable cloud-based services suitable for SMEs operating both locally and on a global scale. Our e-Invoicing solutions are compatible with industry-standard e-commerce and inventory tracking platforms for greater functionality.

E-Invoicing helps to reduce costs by speeding up the overall payment process. This allows organizations to benefit from early payment discounts, minimize errors and automate manual processes to increase efficiency. 

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OpenText offers a broad set of solutions to support Electronic invoicing:

Professional Services

Combine end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.

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